A Thriving Legacy: The Sentro Group Story

Humble Beginnings, Global Impact:
Sentro Group's remarkable journey began in 1997 with the establishment of Rao Intours in Moscow, Russia. This initial step marked the foundation for a diversified conglomerate spanning continents and industries.

Strategic Expansion and Growth:
Over the years, Sentro embarked on a path of strategic expansion. Delmos Aviation, established in 2001, solidified the group's presence in the aviation sector. SentroM: GSA Uzbekistan (2004) further extended its reach into Central Asia, while Sentro Service (2007) cemented its commitment to excellence as an IATA agency in Russia.

2009: A Year of Transformation
The year 2009 marked a pivotal turning point for Sentro. The launch of Sentro Reps Group solidified its position within Russia, followed by groundbreaking achievements in innovation. Sentro pioneered the introduction of e-tickets, revolutionizing travel logistics in Russia. Furthermore, the adoption of SIRENA Travels, a robust CRS system, secured Sentro's leadership with over 60% market share and significant growth.

Expanding Horizons:
Fast forward to 2018, Sentro successfully launched and expanded HY Cargo services across India, establishing a national network and transforming cargo movement within the country. Strategic partnerships with leading airlines like Indigo and Blue Dart secured market dominance in the TAS segment.

Diversification and Continued Success:
In 2022, Sentro Pharma was established, signifying the group's diversification into the pharmaceutical sector. This move underscored its commitment to innovation and quality. Continuing its growth trajectory, Sentro acquired the Russian Bank - World of Privileges in 2023, solidifying its position as a diversified global conglomerate in the financial services sector.

A Legacy of Excellence:
Through strategic foresight, relentless innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Sentro Group continues to redefine industries, leaving lasting impacts across diverse markets worldwide.



Delmos Aviation was established under an expansion Plan


Rao Intours was established in Moscow, Russia


Sentro Service was established as an IATA agency in Russia


SentroM: GSA Uzbekistan was established


Founded Sentro Realty, marking the group's entry into the real estate sector.


Sentro Reps Group Takes Flight: Sentro embarks on a new journey with the launch of Sentro Reps Group, a dedicated consolidator for Uzbekistan Airways in the vast Russian territory. IATA BSP introduced in Russia
Pioneering Innovation: Sentro establishes itself as a frontrunner in the Russian market by being the first General Sales Agent (GSA) to introduce revolutionary new products, including the transition from paper tickets to e-tickets.
Empowering Travel Transformation: Sentro fosters industry-wide change by leading the adoption of SIRENA Travels, a robust Computerized Reservation System (CRS), within the Russian market. Sentro's significant investment secures over 60% market share for SIRENA Travels in Russia.
Exponential Growth: Sentro experiences a phenomenal year, achieving a remarkable 10-fold increase in revenue, passenger numbers, and distribution channels. This growth signifies the success of Sentro's strategic initiatives and dedication to exceeding expectations.


Sentro Pharma was established under Sentro group


Successfully Launched and Expanded HY Cargo Services Across India
Sentro National Network Established: Sentro spearheaded the development and deployment of the HY cargo product, creating a robust network spanning across India. This initiative has transformed the way cargo moves within the country. Strategic Partnerships: Sentro forged strong interline partnerships with leading airlines like Indigo and Blue Dart, ensuring seamless connectivity and reliable delivery for HY cargo across India's vast geographical landscape. Market Leadership: Sentro's commitment to providing exceptional cargo solutions has established itself as a dominant force in the TAS market (Target Audience Segment market), securing a commanding market share of over 60%.


Sentro Group acquired Russian Bank - World of Priviledges, Moscow